Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Robocon Pick N Place Robot !

This is the video of the pick and place robot that me and my team mate madan made for
ROBOCON 2007 .I am the one controlling it and madan is the one shouting from behind :P .

Watch this video in the testing phase

This is our robot in action in ROBOCON .It looks drunken and slow because we forgot to recharge the battery ...shit we lost the match ......


Here is the picture of the pick and place mechanism that I came up with .
The working is pretty straight forward. It has a moving and a fixed arm .
I use the nut bolt arrangement to close and open the arm .And it has a center spring
which provides the force to automatically open the arm .And I used a motor fixed
with a pipe in the shaft to rotate the nut .
Heres the diagram of it .